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Welcome to Ken Sapp Photography, I have a passion for fine art photography. A photographic image is only a two dimensional representation of a moment in time.  Each of us will experience that moment in our own unique way.  It is my hope to capture my feelings and experience at that moment.  The digital format allows me to bring out the best in an image, whether it is the colors, shapes or textures.  The media invites experimentation and creativity; a beautiful colorful image invokes a different mood when converted to black and white.  The mood swings when color is added to a black and white image.  Textures and shapes tell their own stories with each image enhancement.  Then there are those images that are so powerful, nothing needs be done.  The old technique of hand coloring-hand painting a photographic image is a wonderful way to retell the story.  Photography has been a passion of mine for many years; I hope my images create a special moment for you.

I will keep you updated on events, provide tips, share techniques and have a little fun as well. 


Ken Sapp

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